Viral Marketing

As part of our viral marketing campaigns, Exquisite Consultancy can provide field marketing personnel, promotion staff, models, leafleting teams and commercial actors. We create and execute innovative and effective marketing campaigns, from highly targeted leaflet distribution, product sampling, guerrilla marketing, experiential marketing / brand experience and non-traditional, ambient media initiatives.

Our field marketing teams and promotion staff are used for traditional activities such as leafleting, flyer distribution, product sampling, product demonstrations, in-store merchandising, brand experience, road shows and event organisation. In addition to these traditional marketing activities, we can carry out more innovative and unusual ambient media campaigns, including guerrilla-style media such as legal fly-posting, street theatre marketing, buzz marketing, campaign amplification and PR stunts.

Why Choose Us

  • You can trust us to do a fantastic job every time
  • We generate great results for your campaigns
  • We are creative thinkers able to deliver unique campaigns with fresh approaches and real impact
  • We provide a strong focus on delivering actual measurable sales with every campaign, not just vague
    "brand building"
  • We are passionate about our customers and the campaigns we organise
  • We bring massive commercial experience from across all industry sectors, which benefits your campaigns
  • We get to know your business and work with you to plan which strategy will work best.
  • We then create, produce and track your viral marketing campaign.

Guerrilla Marketing
Through our guerrilla marketing activities, we create quirky, innovative and unconventional marketing campaigns that rely on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.

Typically, our guerrilla are marketing campaigns are unexpected such as street posters, graffiti and pavement drawings to groups of models or people in fancy dress creating a buzz.

Street Marketing
This is a high-impact technique that can raise awareness in a very memorable manner, which makes heads turn and people pay attention to what’s going on.

Impact Marketing
Our teams of commercial actors act out scenes and utilise sets which incorporate your brand's key messages. These are designed to catch people off guard and leave them with an engaging, memorable message.

Traditional activity locations include public transport (either in the station or actually on a train), on a high street, in a bar, a university, or any busy location.

Ambush Marketing
Our field teams spend time engaging with each recipient, creating a funny, positive and memorable experience, which becomes a talking point to all those it touches.

Live Marketing Events
We organise all different types of brand events, which can be used as marketing platforms for your brand. Each event is specifically created to suit your brand, from the location of the venue, to the activities for the customers - every last detail can be provided and planned for.

Event Management and Promotion
Events can be conducted in any location: in a high street shop, a student union, a city centre, nightclub, etc - wherever is appropriate for your promotion. Exquisite Consultancy will organise the pre-event awareness, liaising with the venues and suppliers and providing experienced production managers to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Costumed Characters
Costume characters immediately lower the guard of all recipients, allowing for positive, fun interaction and memorable brand experiences with the target demographic. Anything from giant animals, to monsters, to aliens, to giant £ signs, to corporate mascots - to whatever you can think of which will bring immediate and relevant impact to your campaign.

Games and Animation
We can create flash games that are so addictive people can't stop playing them. We know - we've been there!

Adverts and Short Films
If you're looking for a fantastic advert or a short film to get people talking about your brand or company, we can help!

Mobile Apps
We offer customised Blackberry, iPhone and iPad application development and consulting services, adding value to your business.