Exquisite Consultancy Web Advertising Rates

With over 100,000 visitors a year and rising, www.exquisiteconsultancy.co.uk is one of the first sites that people visit
when looking for information on starting up or sustaining a business, graphics design, websites design, magazines,
marketing & PR campaigns, leaflets, mobile apps, TV ads and social mediain the UK.

Why advertise with Exquisite Consultancy?

1. One stop shop for Business, Marketing and Website Design - For anyone starting or running a
small business. We have information and advice about starting up in business, marketing, advertising
and webdesign.

2. Unique Users - Over 2,000 unique users visit the site each month, all of whom are start ups and
business owners.

3. Active Buyers - Our viewers are actively searching for advice and looking for the right products
to help them establish or grow their businesses. They are not random surfers.

4. Well read - On average readers are spending over 10 minutes on the site at each visit.
(6 minutes more than the business industry average)

5. Up-to-date - The website is updated daily. Users keep returning for our up-to-date news and
information. Even more exposure for your company.

6. No Wastage - This is the most targeted and therefore the most cost effective form of advertising
to start-ups.

7. Unique Opportunity - Exquisite Consultancy offers unparalleled access to an audience which is
notoriously difficult to reach.

Standard rates
We are offering a single size advertisement that will appear in rotation with other advertisers or a stand alone advert
that will be placed on its own without other advertisers on rotation.

Full banner (197x524 pixels)

£50 per month (Rotation)

£75 per month (Stand Alone)

Regular advertisers in the magazine may be entitled to discounted rates.

Please email info@exquisiteconsultancy.co.uk for more information.

Production Details
The Client should supply banners either as an animated gif (.gif),
a macromedia flash file (.swf) or as HTML.
Animated GIF - The url link needs to be supplied along with the file.
Flash files - need to have the URL embedded into the file.


Design Service
If you require help with your advert, we offer an in house design and layout service.

Please ask us for a quote.